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Welcome to Another Joy Foundation
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"Lets Spend a moment together to create life lasting change for others"    

By: Alden Kawika Crowley

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Our AJF Team 

Another Joy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada. Our mission is to deliver Joy and Hope to children and to the less fortunate around the World. Something so simple can help them through the trials they face in their everyday lives. We kindly ask you to join our mission. You and your child can help give Joy to Another by donating your new and used toys, clothes, shoes as well as new school supplies. Let’s take action and watch the smiles around the World grow!

Please note: Dry foods, vitamins, medicine and medical supplies are welcomed. We thank you again for your time, your interest and your support.

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Another Joy Foundation would like to thank the following people for our most recent donations:

-Raymond and Greg for holding our first charity event and collecting a room full of toys!!!

-Jessica and Sam Goulet for Big Pink G!!!

-Kurt, JD, Chris and Staley of 90.5 SOS Radio for holding a Toy Drive and collecting a truck load of toys!! Donated by the many listeners and staff members!!!

-Darius Darabian from Walnut Creek California for donating his toys to Another Joy Foundation. Thank you for sharing your Joy with children in need. Thank you Mr. Mike Darabian for Taking Action and joining our mission!